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21.09.15 | Online Retail in Russia

OMI (Online Market Intelligence) gladly presents a new syndicated report: Online Retail in Russia. The comprehensive study includes the analysis of Top-20 online shops in Russia (according to the number of visitors).

The study is unique due to the passive method of data collection. This means that OMI analysed the behavior of people with the help of software (Internet behavior tracker) that they voluntary installed onto their computers. The participants of OMI User-centric panel explicitly agreed that we would be tracking and saving the history of URLs they visited as well as search terms and time spent on different pages.

As we did not ask any questions directly, the research results are free from subjectivity.
The data are being collected right in the moment of action and do not depend on respondents’ memory. The sample represents Internet-users in Russia 18-54 years old, who live in the cities with population over 100 000 people. Sample size is N=18,137.

The advantage of this report is that the analysis on different shops is done with the same methodology, which gives an opportunity to compare these shops with each other. Furthermore, we know over 200 socio-demographic characteristics of our panel participants, and thus can always enrich the behavioral data with survey data.

Top 20 online stores in Russia

From our report «Online Retail in Russia», you can learn more about online-shops and:

  • See the market leaders according to different parameters
  • Evaluate the market share of each shop within the category
  • Analyze the main KPIs of the shop and compare them with the competitors or another shops included in the study
  • Perform detailed analysis of the audience of different shops crossing behavioral and socio-demographic data

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