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We understand that the access to consumers is rapidly becoming a valuable asset in a competitive business world. That is why we spend so many efforts on building online panels that enable our clients to conduct high quality market research in the countries that we cover. Currently we offer sampling from B2C, Automotive, B2B IT, and Physician online panels in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Baltic states.

In B2B sector we specialize on IT decision makers and specialists. We also have a good coverage among business DMs and company owners in different industry sectors. Hard-to-reach B2B audiences can be found using Phone-to-Web methodology when respondents are first recruited by phone and then receive a link to online survey by e-mail.

We are truly proud of our online consumer panels Anketka (general access panel) and AvtoOpros (automotive panel). They are not only highly profiled, but also very responsive. As local online panel provider we thoroughly control panel recruitment and maintenance, building open, engaging and culturally relevant communication with people. That is why research and advertising companies around the globe choose OMI when they are looking for online sample in Russia and CIS.

OMI also maintains the first Russian online Physician panel recruited from the specialized web-portals and 100% phone-verified. Panel complies with the highest industry standards and offers targeting not only on primary and secondary medical specialization, but also on drug purchase decision making, types of prescribed drugs and other important attributes. In addition, over 250k highly profiled Patients can be accessed through our B2C online panels.

More information about our panel capabilities can be found here.

All our online panels comply to the highest quality standards. Here you can download OMI answers to ESOMAR's 28 questions to help research buyers of online samples. Panel quality is the basis of our business so we are constantly improving panel management. We developed our own quality standards regarding panel recruitment, verification of personal data, providing quality of survey responses, system of incentives and panel maintenance.

OMI consumer panel is the only Russian panel that passed the international audit conducted by the independent research company Mktg. Inc. (USA). Mktg. has already tested over 200 online panels all over the world, including 8 Russian panels. OMI panel showed the lowest share of multiple panel members in Russia as well as the lowest number of speedsters and fraudulent respondents. As a result of the audit OMI panel was awarded the Gold Certificate. Gold Certification is awarded to sample sources who prove consistency over a six or more wave Consistent Track™ audit program. There are only few companies in the world that were given such appraisal. Download the full report.

Mktg Gold Certificate for panel consistency

Besides we are specialized in building proprietary panels for our clients. Is your company studying a particular audience and would like to have the exclusive channel to access it? Would you like to have online panel of your loyal customers to test your new products and ideas against it? We can help you to do this. OMI will take care of panel portal development, panellists recruiting, building the system of motivation and loyalty, as well as panel and project management. You just need to find out what would you would like to learn from your customers!

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