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Our panels

Consumer Panels

Our company is specialized in creating and managing online panels for market research in Russia and CIS countries. We have our own consumer panels in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the Baltic states. Besides, OMI is a one stop shop for getting access to the Russian panels of the leading global online panel providers. The total number of panel members ready to answer your questions exceeds 1,000,000 people in the countries that we cover.

OMI lists only active panelists. Active members have enrolled in the online panels in a double-opt in registration and have participated at least in one study in the last 3 months.

Information about our own consumer panels (as of April 14, 2020):


Online Panel in Russia
N: 857 184 Online Panel in Ukraine
N: 163 907
Online Panel in Kazakhstan
N: 67 867 OMI Panel in Belarus
N: 71 767


During the registration process panelists give detailed information about themselves. Using individual profiles we can target the survey invitations to the audience of particular goods or services.

Mobile Panel

The first Russian Mobile Panel. Recruited on the base of our consumer panel, mobile panellists not only agreed to participate in mobile surveys, but have already completed their first profiling study on their Smartphone or tablet PC.

Automotive Panel

Besides consumer panel we have a special panel of car owners AvtoOpros. The distinctive feature of the automotive panel is the detailed profile information about every panelist including car brand, model, class, year of production, the intention to buy a car and much more. Automotive panel attributes and profile can be found here.

B2B IT Panel

Due to the growing demand for IT decision makers and professionals OMI launched a B2B IT panel in Russia — ITOpros is an actively managed double opt-in online panel used solely for market research purposes. Recruitment is done through a wide variety of local IT-specific Web-portals and e-mail lists. The panel is in full compliance with ESOMAR, CASRO and EU Safe Harbor standards for online research and privacy. Advanced quality control procedures and data validation techniques have been implemented, including regular removal of fraudulent panellists.

ITOpros (Eng. ITSurvey) already has over 10k IT specialists in Russia and is growing every day. The panel is highly profiled so we can target not only on company size, industry and annual revenue, but also on the usage of particular hardware and software brands. More information and profile of our B2B IT panel is available here.

Physician panel

Our proprietary Russian Online Physician Panel (MedOpinion in Russian) is also an actively managed double opt-in online panel used solely for market research purposes. The panel consists of over 90 000 physicians and medical professionals who are ready to participate in your healthcare research projects. The panel was recruited through the specialized online portals and mailing lists and was 100% phone verified after that.

To support your research in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Baltic states we extensively profiled our B2C panels on Healthcare related matters. This will allow you to access over 250k patients with precise targeting on the type illness they have. Download more information and profile of our Physician Panel.

We use pioneering incentive plans in our panels. Besides substantial cash incentives for each completed survey our panelists have a possibility to support one of six our partner Charities. For B2B IT and Physician panels we use incentives linked to professional development (journal and database subscriptions, conference participation, training, etc.) Basic figures talk for themselves:

  • The Response Rate is up to 75% and practically never less than 50%
  • The Completion Rate is practically never under 90%

We strictly follow the ESOMAR standards in the area of Internet research and constantly care for the quality of our panels. Here you can download the file with OMI answers to ‘ESOMAR’s 28 questions to help research buyers of online samples’.

Do you want to build your own panel for market research in Russia or any other country in our area? We are ready to help you! Click here to learn how you can use our experience and competence.

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