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Building Your Own Panels

Creating the access to consumers is becoming a key factor of business growth in contemporary world. Proprietary online panel is similar to a TV channel or newspaper as it helps to start regular structured communication with lots of people. The difference is that panel is used solely for market research purposes.

OMI is building proprietary panels either for research suppliers or research buyers. When most quantitative studies go online the proprietary access panel will allow researchers to grow the revenue; producers will benefit from costs cut and research optimization. For example, the panel of brand lovers could help to test new products, packaging, ads and creative concepts in just days with virtually no costs!

If your company already works with the personal information (phones, e-mails, etc.) or you already have the communication channels like customer loyalty programs or promo web sites, you are just one step away from your own exclusive online panel! It will give voice to your consumers and provide a solid foundation for the business decisions of your company.

Building a panel includes the following main stages:

  • Developing the concept of a panel
  • Building the system of incentives
  • Creating a panel portal
  • Tuning the software to manage the panel
  • Recruiting panel members
  • Regular panel management (activity monitoring, cleaning, panellists’ support, etc.)
  • Managing research projects

OMI has significant experience in creating and maintaining online panels. Here you can see some existing project in this area:

OMI Consumer Panel — OMI Consumer Panel
OMI Automotive Panel — OMI Automotive Panel
OMI IT Panel — OMI IT Panel
OMI Physicians Panel — OMI Physicians Panel

In addition we know how to recruit the participants of your panel as we have significant experience and partners. We have recruited more than 50 000 panel members to GMI’s GlobalTestMarket panel in Russia and CIS countries and also built our own panels with 500 000+ members.

Want to know more about this service? Contact us and we will tell you how online panels could facilitate the growth of your business.

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