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Data processing and coding

Data Export/Import

We can provide you with datasets in different formats: SPSS, flat ASCII, card-column ASCII, CSV or tab-delimited text files, Excel spreadsheets and others. We can also help you to combine data we collected for you with your own data (previous waves, data from other sources/countries etc.)

Data Checking/Cleaning

During fieldwork and after its completion we always check quality of the data collected according to questionnaire logic (filters, skip patterns etc.)

The following cases of variables will be excluded from the final data:

  • Extra responses (the responses that are not on the path)
  • Cases with total completion time significantly less than average completion time
  • Containing meaningless or irrelevant responses
  • Containing too many DK responses
  • Containing large number of ‘flat’ responses (for example all 1’s in scale question grids) or zigzag responses (1-2-1-2 etc.)
  • Cases with incorrect responses to co called ‘trap’ questions: ‘Please check the 3rd box’, questions asking to rate non-existing brands etc.)

After data cleaning extra cases will be collected if necessary.

Open-Ended (Verbatim) Responses Coding

We offer our proprietary coding methodology that allows not to only optimize this job and to make it less time consuming but also to improve quality of codes comparing to standard coding tools. In most cases, we can complete the coding within 24 hours after fieldwork completion. We are able to de-duplicate codes, to create code lists, to re-code existing codes according to your own code list, to combine codes into nets, to provide you frequencies. The coding usually goes simultaneously with fieldwork, so you can have the first sets of codes on a daily basis.

Data Interpretation/Analysis

In addition to data collection services we offer tabulation (included into our standard package, all you need is to provide us the list of banners needed). Here is an example of our standard cross-tab in Excel format:

standard cross-tab in Excel
Click on the picture to enlarge it

Also, we offer other data analysis services such as graphical data interpretation in Excel or PowerPoint, we can fill the diagrams or charts in your report templates with the data collected, so you only need to add your comments, conclusions and recommendations.

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