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Internet Behaviour Tracking

Understand What People Do Online

OMI has a specialized User-Centric panel, based on the Wakoopa software.

Wakoopa understands what people do in their digital lives. In a privacy conscious way, our technology tracks what websites they visit, what ads they see, or what apps they use. Analyze that data in our online dashboard, and optimize your digital strategy accordingly.

Essential for

Vertical Market Deep Dive.
For insights into all sites that influence an online market. You could keep tabs on competitors, search engine queries, media portals relevant to your market, and more.

Clickstream Analysis.
For identifying influences on purchase decisions. Filter out the participants that made a transaction and view their clickstream over the weeks prior to purchase. Improving e-commerce. Follow the path to and from any online shopping cart, in detail. For instance, you could analyze people who booked a vacation online.

Competitive Analysis.
For finding out how your competitors are doing online. How popular they are, where their traffic comes from, and who their visitors are. You can also compare the usability and conversion of one site to competing sites.

Niche Rankings.
For creating top site lists around events like elections, sports or festivals. It also works for specific markets such as energy, telecommunications, or online games.

Social Media Analysis.
For determining which user segments spend time on what social networks and activities.

User Segmentation.
For adding variables about online behavior to panel members. Examples include light/heavy internet surfers or light/heavy Facebook users.


And also…

Seeing how people entertain themselves and play games at what time of day.

Finding out the effectiveness of an online campaign, any(!) campaign.

Knowing what people search for on Google, Bing, or any other platform.


Quantitative Data

Do you know what people do digitally?

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a Google Analytics for every site, every application, or every banner ad? Now you can:

  • Step 1: Tracking
    We created a unique tracking application. It keeps track of all website visited, search words used, and/or ads seen by people who installed it.
  • Step 2: Panel
    Members of OMI panel in Russia and Ukraine were invited to install the application via email. These panelists have installed a "tracker" on their computer, and new data is found about who visits certain sites. Ready for you to analyze. You can also add any variable that OMI knows about their panellists to the analysis or simply combine behavioral or survey data.
  • Step 3: Dashboard
    Usage data pour into the dashboard in real-time. Log in, and create beautiful visualizations for your reports.

Complete & safe tracking

Our desktop application is specifically made to not resemble spyware in any way. It respects privacy and can be paused, quit, or uninstalled at any time.
It also runs on both Mac and PC. It supports not only Internet Explorer, but also Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

Real-time visuals

You and chosen members of your company can see what sites are being visited by the panel members in real-time. All usage data is safely stored in its own dashboard. Using over 3 years of experience, we've created great visualizations and a superior user interface. It will give you answers instead of questions.

Smart filtering

Everything that OMI knows about their panelists (eg social demographics) can be added as filters in the dashboard. Age, wealth, offline buying behaviour, psychological models, everything. You can also segment users based on their website usage, using our "smart fields", to add to your existing offline database.

Detailed channeling

By categorizing and labeling data, you can generate great reports. You can create "channels", lists of web addresses you want to group together and compare later on. All generated graphs or visualizations can be exported, and used in your next report.

Easy profiling

With our profiling tools, you'll be able to zoom in and compare specific sites or apps quickly. We'll give you unique visitors, pageviews, and all the things you're familiar with. Even things such as loyalty, bounce rate, or average number of pages visited.

Simple notifications

Send our panelists notifications through their desktop trackers. A simple message will show up on their computer with a link to anything you want, such as your very own survey. Notifications can even be triggered when a panelists visits a certain website.


Any data you collect can be exported into apps such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS or other data mining tools. You can directly use images from the dashboard in your presentations. Although our dashboard is all that's needed in most cases, we can help get your data out. It's yours.

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