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Real-time Reporting

Internet has significantly changed conventional perceptions of market research and the ways how it is conducted. Now we have easier access to consumers with the help of online panels. Pen and paper interviews gave way to the interactive online surveys with integrated images, audio and video. However the main achievement is a fast data exchange between the consumer, the researcher and the customer.

You no longer have to wait until the information is collected, entered, processed and analyzed. Panelists complete online surveys, and the information is immediately processed by the specialized software giving you an opportunity to monitor the fieldwork progress and analyze the results in real-time on a secure Client Web portal.

Example of a Client Web Portal
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Client portal is a web site, where you can:

  • Monitor the fieldwork progress in real time
  • Analyze the data; build crosstabs, graphs and charts
  • View your research results 24/7/365 from any location with Internet access
  • Store the results of all your studies on password protected portal
  • Create an access hierarchy with individual logins and passwords
  • Integrate data collected by different methods
  • Export your data in popular formats (SPSS, Excel, etc.)
  • Import your own databases and much more

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