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Survey Programming & Hosting

Survey programming is one of our essential services. With our help you can convert your standard questionnaire into online survey or create unique tools that utilize cutting-edge technologies of interactive communications with customers such as click-test and virtual shelves. We also program questionnaires with conjoint-analysis (ACA, CBC, MaxDiff). Programmed questionnaires can be used for online survey and any computer aided interviews (in-home surveys, hall tests, focus groups and so on). Our Service Team programs questionnaires on a 24/7/365 basis!

Here are some types the questionnaires we program:

  • Standard HTML surveys
  • Interactive FLASH surveys
  • Questionnaires using conjoint-analysis
  • Special online tools: click-tests, video ads tests, virtual shopping

It’s true that today’s questionnaires are not the same as they used to be! They have complex logic, different types of questions, integrated images, audio and video. We can program even the most complex questionnaires.


Our software allows:

  1. Multi-mode data collection (Paper, Phone, Web)
  2. Real-time field reporting and data analysis
  3. Managing huge numbers of online completes and considerable number of remote phone operators without technical issues and survey slowness
  4. Storing your research data in a centralized depository with secure online access
  5. Exporting and importing the data in the most popular formats (SPSS, CSV, ASCII and others)
  6. Creating and managing online panels


Our programming platform provides data security and effectively protects your ideas from unauthorized copying:

  • Impossibility to return to the previous page of the survey
  • “Save picture as…” protection
  • Copy-and-paste protection
  • Screenshots protection
  • Print screen protection
  • Protection from downloading videos to cache-memory and web-streaming

We store questionnaires and survey data on secure servers located in the USA and Canada, which helps to guarantee uninterrupted work of the software.

Procedure and Timing

Programming questionnaire with us is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. You send us your questionnaire in text format (like MS Word)
  2. We program it and send you the test link after internal quality control
  3. You test and approve the final version, and your survey is ready for the launch! Programming usually takes no longer than 2-3 days

In case you use our online panels, the unique links to the questionnaire are sent according to your sample plan. If you collect data yourself, we can send you a general link to the survey or any number of unique links to monitor the field results (“completes”, “incompletes”, “screeners”, etc.). We also give you a link to your online client portal to monitor the fieldwork process. If you do CATI, we can set up our system according to your call-centre requirements. Contact us now to get more information about our programming services.

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