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About Us

Online Market Intelligence (OMI) provides high quality online fieldwork in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. With OMI online panels you can access over 1m consumers, 104k auto owners, 9k IT professionals, and 95k Physicians and 32k mobile users, recruited from a wide variety of local Web-portals and professional sites. OMI also has more than 34k participants in a specialized User-Centric panel for collecting Internet behavioral data.

Why choose OMI:

  • Panels are in full compliance with ESOMAR, CASRO and EU Safe Harbor standards for online research
  • Clients receive real-time fieldwork reporting through online portals
  • Deep profiling and accurate targeting are available
  • Advanced quality control procedures have been implemented, including regular removal of fraudulent panelists
  • Response rates are as high as 50%

In addition OMI provides:

  • Questionnaire translation and localization
  • 24x7 survey programming in HTML and FLASH
  • CAWI, CATI and Phone-to-Web data collection
  • Data processing, coding and cross-tabulation
  • Recruiting your proprietary panels in Russia and CIS countries

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