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Providing sample for your online studies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus is our main specialty. But sampling is not just a process; it is a combination of ART and SCIENCE!

Panels should be representative. OMI consumer panels are recruited from more than 100 sources to guarantee the representation of Internet audience. B2B panels are recruited in partnership with key professional portals.

Profiling and Targeting

Another key to perfect sampling is targeting. Everyone knows that bad targeting of survey invitations can negatively influence both clients’ and respondents’ experience. There are several ways to target well, but the basic way it to collect detailed profiling information from panelists at registration.

At registration the respondents in our consumer panels are offered to fill in a detailed profiling questionnaire that includes the following information:

  • Basic Attributes: age, gender, level of education, marital status
  • Household: composition, number of children in the household and their age, children planning, pets, monthly household income, ownership of consumer electronics and home appliances
  • Employment: employment status, position, industry sector
  • Financial and Real Estate: types of bank services used, type of ownership of primary residence (rent/lease/own), real estate ownership, ownership of investment properties, plans to purchase any properties
  • Vehicle: number of vehicles owned in household, vehicle country of production (domestic/foreign), vehicle year of production, vehicle make and model, vehicle category/class (economy, compact, full-size, etc.)
  • Services: insurance, medical services, sports and wellness, type of Internet connection at home and at work; cell phone operator

Attributes of our AUTOMOTIVE panel AvtoOpros can be viewed here.
Download our B2B IT panel attributes and profile.
Attributes of our Physician Panel MedMnenie can be found in the panel brochure.

Instant Polls

There are cases when it is hard to accurately predict the Incidence Rate and thus to estimate feasibility and pricing of the project. OMI offers a unique solution to this issue! Recently we integrated an instrument called ‘Instant Poll’ to our panel portals. Many companies have polls at their portals, but the trick is that the results of our polls are linked to the panelists’ attributes. Panelists see the poll only after logging in to the portal and thus we are able to track the unique ID of each poll participant.

What you can do with OMI Instant Polls:

  • Get hundreds of responses to your poll question(s) in hours
  • Target survey invitations to people who give particular response(s) to the poll question
  • Add full profiling information to all participants of the poll, so single-question poll is actually a 100-question questionnaire!
  • Conduct Omnibus-type studies when you can ask only couple of questions and then get full demographics of the participants
  • Carefully predict incidence rate for hard-to-target audiences

Once we get the detailed information about panellists, we can divide panel members into market segments. We also have an opportunity to add new attributes and update personal profile on the basis of every survey we conduct.

Request a quote now to see how the art of our targeting can reduce your fieldwork costs!

Procedure and Timing

Either you need sample only services or want your survey to be translated and programmed, OMI team will guarantee that you fit the desired timing and costs.

If you have SAMPLE ONLY task, just send us the specs of your study. We will send you the redirects to set up in your system, test the survey from both sides, build sample and deploy the invitations. It as simple as 1-2-3! It could be a top-up as WE HAVE A SMALL MINIMAL FEE OF 500 EURO. Survey setup usually takes 24 HOURS or less!

Data collection usually takes from 2 to 4 days, but it can also take more time if you have chosen a hard-to-reach target group or have multiple interlocked quotas.

Learn more about OMI's survey localization and programming capabilites.

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