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Questionnaire Localization

Our experience shows that the questionnaires for multi-country studies should be translated locally. We understand that it is much easier to outsource translation to multiple languages to one translation bureau, but the quality usually leaves much to be desired. Culturally irrelevant survey language severely worsens data quality.

In addition, we believe that the survey instruments should be reviewed by local research expert to ensure cultural match. For instance, in many countries researchers use annual household income scale, but in Russia people count income on a monthly basis, so monthly scale should be used instead.

Our team has substantial experience in survey translation and localization into Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belorussian and many East European languages. Survey localization is done professionally and cost-effective. Loyal clients get substantial volume discounts. Price includes questionnaire editing by market research professional, that is why we call it true localization.

Outsource questionnaire translation for your global studies to local company! This will guarantee the highest data quality.

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